ADI ARTECH is the leading and preferred name as designers,manufacturers and exporters of
Strain Gage based Load Cells , Force Sensors , Impact Transducers , Thrust Sensors , Tension Sensors,
Torque  Transducers , Pressure  Sensors ,  Multi  Axis  Force  and  Torque  Sensors,
Electronic Instruments  , Sensor  Mounting  Accessories  and  Measurement Software.

We are for measurements of-  
Stress   Strain   Weigh   Load   Force   Impact   Thrust   Tension   Torque   Pressure   Level
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We are specialized designers , manufacturers and exporters of -

  • Load Cells for Weighing
  • Force Sensors , Impact Sensors , Thrust Transducers
  • Tension Transducers
  • Torque Transducers
  • Multi Axis Force Sensors ,Multi Axis Tensoin Sensors , Multi Axis Torque Sensors
  • Pressure Sensors , Level Sensors
  • Mounting Accessories of Load Cells , Force Transducers , Tension Sensors
  • Electronic Instrumentations for Load , Force , Tension , Torque , Pressure , Level Measurements
  • Industrial Software
  • Dynamometers
  • Customized Load Cells , Torque Transducers , Tension Sensors
  • Sensorized Flexures for Load , Force , Torque , Pressure Measurements


Our products are crafted

  • To Perform the best
  • To be Reliable, Consistent and Long Lasting


Our products are backed up by our

  • Engineering innovations
  • Advance designing facility
  • Careful manufacturing methods
  • Strict quality control
  • Prompt after sales services


Our wide product range is capable to cater to customers requirements. If our standard product is not enough , then we custom design and manufacture the products as per the customer's specific design and requirements.     



News & Events

31 Dec 2014
Happy New Year 2015!
We at ADI ARTECH wish you all a very Happy New Year for peace ,prosperity, health and happiness.
22 Dec 2014
In service since 23 years
We are in service of industries since 23 years with support for Sensors Instruments and Software. Our count of sensors manufactured till today is over one million and count is going on and on! We thank you all for your support.
Kg to Pound Converter

kgf/cm2 to PSI Converter

Newton Meter to Pound-Inch Converter