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Rocker Pin Compression Load Cell - Bellow - SS - 90410-Bellow-SS

Model :   90410-Bellow-SS
Capacity :   0-2.5Tf to 0-22.5Tf
Type :   Rocker Pin Compression Load Cell
  • Weighing
  • Hopper , Tank , Silo Weighing
  • Small Vehicle Weighing
  • Truck Weighing
  • Weigh Bridge Scale
Description :  

90410-Bellow-SS is light weight single column rocker pin type compression load cell.
This is constructed from SS 17-4 ph for resistance to shock loads and corrosion.
It is strain gage based sensor with temperature compensation for 0 to 60 deg.C.

Features :  

90410-Bellow-SS is hermetically sealed with laser weiding for IP 68 environmental protection.
Its rocker pin design helps for self centering and self restoring under moving loads of trucks.
It is provided with gass discharge tubes for protection against lightning and line voltage faults.

Electronic Instrumentation / Software :   Electronic Instrument for measuring Force, Weight is offered. Junction Box for summing 4 or 6 or 8 Load Cells is available. Software for analysis, tabulation is offered.
Mounting Hardware :   Mounting hard wares are optionally available.