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Double Ended Shear Axle Pin Custom Load Cell - 70510-Custom

Model :   70510-Custom
Description :  

This is custom built Load Pin as per user's dimensional details.
It is of 100Tf capacity.
This is constructed from SS 17-4 ph for corrosion resistance.
It is strain gage based transducer for 0 to 60 deg.C.temp.compensation.
This is designed with dual bridge configuration for sensor redundancy.

Features :  

It is specially designed for anchorage force measurements in ship winch.
It's size is 127 mm dia.and 370 mm length.
This also can find application in crane load measurements.
Higher capacity up to 500Tf can be designed and supplied.
If you have any such application,please contact us for the support.

Electronic Instrumentation / Software :  

Compatible Electronic Systems are available optionally-
Stand alone digital display indicator.
Analog signal converter - 0 - 10 VDC or 4 - 20 mA for PLC interface.
Digital signal converter - RS-232 , RS-485 or MODBUS RTU Protocol to interface with computer or other processing equipment.
Data acquisition system and software.
For more informations,please click the following link-