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Dynamometer - Engine Dynamometer

Model :   Engine Dynamometer
Description :  

Engine Dynamometer-

Engine manufacturers , Engine maintenance agencies need to check up engine performance as per specification.For this application,engine dynamometer is very much needed. 

Engine dynamometer is comprised of-

Torque Sensor (Shaft type) will be used with inbuilt RPM pick up sensor as a part of test bench and one side will be fixed with water pump and other side will be coupled with engine to be tested.

Temperature sensors for Exhaust System, Water and Lubricant Oil will fixed in exhaust stack, circulating water pipe and lubricating oil tank.

Pressure sensor for Engine oil will be fitted to the oil tank.

Fuel consumption flow meter will be either differential flow sensor or individual flow sensors for inlet and out let of engine and will run from and to the reservoire.This device will be measuring fuel flown to the engine and that of flown out of engine-unused part of the fuel.As per demand to engine with respect to load , some amount of fuel will be consumed by engine,and rest left out fuel will be give back to tank and will be measured by flowmeter.  

For these sensors-Torque,RPM,Temperature,Pressure and Flow , suitable measuring instruments will be used with interface for computer.

Software- All information (Data) will be collected and will be displayed and recorded in computer. These data need to be recorded and printed as and when required. All this data is needed to be in some pre determined and approved format. Calculation of Power (HP/KW) will be done by this software at back-end automatically with the inputs of Torque and RPM received by computer from test bench with designated formula.
Temperature , Pressure and Flow data will predict the performance and effeciency of the engine.

Our product development programme is driven by market demand and customers requirements.If you are interested in such custom product,please contact us for your specific needs.

Features :  

Engine Dynamometer will be fully customized and will be designed as per individual requirements.
No.of sensors and their ranges , measuring instruments , software format will be customized.
System will be designed to produce the best possible engine test banch.

Electronic Instrumentation / Software :  

Compatible Electronic Systems are available optionally-
Stand alone digital display indicator.
Analog signal converter - 0 - 10 VDC or 4 - 20 mA for PLC interface.
Digital signal converter - RS-232 , RS-485 or MODBUS RTU Protocol to interface with computer or other processing equipment.
Data acquisition system and software.
For more informations,please click the following link-

Mounting Hardware :  

Suitable mounting hardwares will be designed to fit the requirements.