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Crane Dynamometer-Link Type - 20410-Heavy Duty

Model :   20410-Heavy Duty
Description :  

This is a versatile Crane Dynamometer and can be comprised of-
20410 - 100 Tf capacity Load Cell
Load Converter with Display and Serial Port RS485
Remote Jumbo Display

This finds applications in Load Monitoring in -
Cargo Complex
Ship Yards
Railway Yards
Ship Building

Features :  

This Dynamometer can be provided for crane capacity ranging from 1 Tf to 300 Tf
Load Pin can be customised to suit customers required size and capacity
It can also be made wireless with battery back up for applications where wired system is not feasible

Electronic Instrumentation / Software :  

Along with sensor and instrument , we also can supply suitable software for data retension , analysis and reports

Mounting Hardware :  

Supporting hardwares can also be supplied to complete the dynamometer set up as per customers requirements