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Bollard Pull Test Load Cell and System - 20410-Bollard Pull

Model :   20410-Bollard Pull
Capacity :   0 - 0.5Tf to 0 - 400Tf
Load Direction :   Tension only
Type :   Crane Load Cell , In Line Force Sensor , Tension Load Cell , Wireless Telemetry Load Cell / Sensor
  • Ship Yards
  • Port Trust
  • Material Handling
  • Marine Engineering
  • Crane Manufacturing
  • Anchor Force Measurement
  • Bollard Pull Test Dynamometer
  • Crane Test Dynamometer
  • Lifting Systems
  • Rope Tension Measurement
  • Tension Force Measurement
  • Vehicle Pull Test
Description :   Bollard pull is the pulling/tractive force of the ship/tug exerted on another ship or an object on the shore. It is measured in unit Newton or Tonnes. Horsepower of the ship/tug is not significant because of factors like transmission losses, propulsion type and its efficiency etc. Hence the pulling force of the ship/tug is measured for finding the strength. Bollard Pull test is conducted to determine the static pull that a tug / ship is capable of exerting under practical operating conditions with its own propulsion system. The test is performed by tying a hawser from ship to a fixed bollard at shore and measure the pull of the ship in Newton or Tonnes under maximum operating conditions by means of a Load cell, indicator-Dynamometer arranged between the hawser and bollard.
Features :   All the newly- constructed tugs and special offshore ships like Anchor handling Tug supply vessels need to carry out this test prior to delivery in presence of ship owners and classification agency for practically proving its pulling power. Further, existing ships after undergoing extensive repairs have to undergo this test. This pull test certifies how healthy is the ship/tug. This is carried out by the force measuring dynamometer comprised of Load cell Load indicator Load cell is the force measuring link and it is made as a part of the rope that ties the bollard on the shore and ship’s towing hook. The ideal conditions for this test are- Deep and calm water Ship away from the shore Calm weather Bollard and the towing hook should be at the same height Adi Artech can support this application with Load Cell Model 20410 – 1 no. Digital Load Indicator – 1 no. Suitable shackles - one pair of two pcs. Load cell capacity is available from 2 Tf to 300 Tf. One can select suitable capacity and its matching indicator.