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Dynamometer - Dynamometer

Model :   Dynamometer
Description :  

Dynamometer is loading / measuring device for strength,efficiency,condition,performance & endurance test of various equipments like Engines, Motors, Gear boxes, Cordon shaft, Starter motors, Alternators, Bearings, All types of rotating machines, etc & other mechanical transmission devices.

Dynamometer is the system comprised of Sensors , Instrumentation , Mechanical & Electrical Hardware and Software.

Sensors involved in Dynamometer will be-
Force , Torque , Pressure , Level , Flow , Rotation , Temperature.
This is very useful in R&D , System analysis , Third party Certifying agency and Product development.

Some of the Dynamometers are as under-

Automobile Crash Test Dynamometer
Brake Dynamometer
Chassis Dynamometer

Cutting Force Dynamometer
Electrical Motor Dynamometer 

Engine Dynamometer
Frictional Force Dynamometer 

Gear Box Thrust/Torque Dynamometer 
Generator Dynamometer
Human Rehabilation Dynamometer 

Impact Test Dynamometer
Inertia Dynamometer 
Locomotive Wheel Alinement Dynamometer 
Manufacturing Machine Automation Dynamometer
Off Shore Rig Dynamometer 
On Shore Rig Dynamometer 

Production Line Automation Dynamometer
Rocket Engine Force Dynamometer 

Transmission Dynamometer
Wind Tunnel Force Dynamometer

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Features :  

While working with us,you will be able to complete the measurement chain from single source such as-
Suitable sensor
Mounting accessories
Signal conditionar
Data acquisition software
and more

Electronic Instrumentation / Software :  

Compatible Electronic Systems are available optionally-
Stand alone digital display indicator.
Analog signal converter - 0 - 10 VDC or 4 - 20 mA for PLC interface.
Digital signal converter - RS-232 , RS-485 or MODBUS RTU Protocol to interface with computer or other processing equipment.
Data acquisition system and software.
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